July 18, 2006


the other night i was really bored, so i decided to go outside and feel what it was like out. so i sat there for about ten mintues just looking around seeing what i could do, when i looked up at the sky and saw this weird looking colour. i grabed my picture maker and shot a couple unfortunately only one turns out the way you want it. wished the night wasn't so old at this point

show off

when we got to ikea brad decided to park like a retard, so i took advantage of this situation and took some shots of his slick jag. after that he found out it's four wheel drive and has anti skid, so we were a little disapointed.


so the other night nick, brad, and i decided to skate, it's really been for ever since i've been on one. but it felt good wheelin' my self up to the mani pad at ikea. it was still so very hot and we gave up after like ten to fifteen minutes of skating. i set my cam down and got a pic of the threes of us, just for memories

the dramatic pose

after rain